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Terms and Conditions

It is expected that the customer is aware of and agrees to all of the following terms and conditions at the time of appointment booking. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us for clarification before booking an appointment.


  • "Policy Provider" or "Provider", "Company", "Companies": The entity responsible to pay valid warranty claims. This may be a dealer, manufacturer, or extended warranty service company.

  • "Owner", "Customer": The person or people hiring C2 RV Services LLC to perform work on their recreational vehicle.

  • "C2 RV Services", "us", "we", "our": C2 RV Services LLC.

  1. All appointments will be booked only after completion of our service request form online.

  2. The customer is responsible for 100% of the invoice at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made prior to the service appointment (see warranty policies, below, as applicable.) The invoice amount will include a Service Call fee, labor, and parts (if needed) for the current repair. If the service visit is related to quoting future significant work, that significant work will not be charged at the initial appointment (see below for part order considerations.)

  3. Service call fees apply to each visit to the customer location. Our service call fee is currently $75, including trips up to 30 miles from our current location. Service calls beyond that range can be arranged for additional fees. This fee may be waived for a return visit to complete a prior service at our discretion.

  4. The customer, or a person designated by the customer, must be present at the RV during the service appointment if any interior access, or access to storage bays is required. The only exception to this policy is for inspections of RVs with no customer-owned items stored in the vehicle. Units for sale where there are supplies included in the sale is one example of an exception.

  5. Gone on Arrival (GOA) fee: We will establish a time and location for service at the time of booking. If the customer is not at the site within 5 minutes of the planned appointment, a charge equal to 50% of one hour of service, plus the service call fee, will be applied to the customer's account and must be paid before rebooking. Currently, this amounts to $150.

  6. Part orders over $300 require a deposit before parts are ordered. The deposit will equal the retail cost of the part(s) ordered, as well as tax and shipping costs. Shipping costs will be discussed and agreed upon prior to ordering.

  7. All special order part costs are non-refundable.

  8. Parts and Labor Warranties from C2 RV Services:

    1. All parts are warranted via the manufacturer or supplier only.

    2. Labor is warranted for 90 days, or as long as we are in the immediate area, whichever is shorter. The following exclusions to this policy apply:

      1. Substitution of provider: If you feel there is a situation that warrants a return within 90 days and we are not able to provide service, please contact us to discuss having an alternate service provider remedy our original service only. That provider will need to be agreed upon by both parties.

      2. Leak repairs: Water intrusion can be a very difficult matter to resolve. Only the best materials and methods will be used to address each situation. That being said, no warranty is given to leak repair efforts, unless a direct failure of the repair is evidenced (i.e. adhesive not bonding.)

      3. Customer-supplied parts: No labor warranty is provided to customer-supplied parts as we have no control over the sourcing or handling of the parts prior to installation.​

  9. Manufacturer, Dealer, or Extended Warranty Billing

    1. The customer must contact the provider prior to contacting C2 RV Services to:

      1. verify the service process and obtain pre-authorization if needed.

      2. Determine or verify deductible

      3. Determine if diagnosis is covered (we will assume it is not if this is not determined)

      4. and understand the exclusions to their coverage.​ Knowing this can save a lot of time and effort for both parties.

    2. The customer must provide to C2 RV Services all information requested on the Service Request form on this site.​

    3. In all cases, the customer is responsible for the entire invoiced amount.  Warranties often will not cover Service Call fees, diagnosis time, part shipping, and tax.

    4. We will often bill the provider for covered costs. However we reserve the right to expect 100% of the bill be paid by the customer. This will be discussed at the time of booking.

      1. When we require the customer to pay, the full invoice is due at the time of service.

      2. If we are billing the provider for covered services, the customer will pay the following amounts at the time of service:

        1. Service Call fee

        2. Labor to diagnose (if not covered by warranty.)​

        3. Deductible for covered expens​es​
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