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Range Vent Installation

Prior to 2024 model years, Alliance trailers were not made with microwave/range vents installed at the factory. Many owners, however, do not appreciate having oil-laden cooking fumes and smoke blown back into the trailer from the top of the microwave unit, and prefer to have those gases exhausted directly out of the side of the trailer.

We offer a service to install such a vent into the trailer. The vent we use does have a flap that can be closed via tabs to reduce air intrusion during travel or cold weather. However, on our own trailer we have experienced no problems leaving our flap loose during travel- enabling the vent to be used when needed without additional opening/closing concerns.

The cost of this service is $170 and includes the vent. Further details are discussed below the photos of previous installations.

For the Alliance National Rally: All appointments are full, but there is a waitlist available. Please request an installation to get added.

Vent 2.jpg
Vent 1.jpg
Vent 1 - Close up.jpg

Installation details

The vent we use has been chosen to provide excellent airflow for the exhaust fan, a dual layer installation to hide six of the eight screws, and aesthetic appeal. Our installation process provides maximum sealing of the opening while allowing air to escape.

  • Once the required opening is cut in the trailer wall, aluminum tape is used to close off the insulating styrofoam,

  • Stick-on foam insulating tape is used between the rear of the microwave and the wall to minimize outside-air instrusion behind the microwave once re-installed.

  • Butyl tape is applied between the plastic vent and trailer exterior wall before the vent is mounted.

  • All mounting screw holes are pre-drilled to assure fiberglass exterior will not crack.

  • Screw holes are filled with Lexel, and after installation Lexel sealant is applied around the perimeter.


Service note: In order to provide the best service during installation, we ask that the cabinet above the microwave has all items removed and the stovetop is free of objects as we will be placing a protective blanket over it and setting the microwave down on it during preparation of the wall.​

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